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Design Patterns in C++ 20: Behavioral - Chain of Responsibility to Memento

by Torben Boeck Jensen

This course will teach you how to apply Behavioral Design Patterns in your C++ applications.

What you'll learn

Design patterns are a very useful part of a developer’s toolbox. They provide you with general solutions to commonplace problems within software development. Once mastered, design patterns can help you solve a variety of different problems in a standardized, reusable way. In this course, Design Patterns in C++: Behavioral - Chain of Responsibility to Memento, you’ll learn how to apply the Chain of Responsibility, Command, Interpreter, Iterator, Mediator, and Memento design patterns in your C++ applications. First, you’ll explore the problems that the different design patterns covered in this course are used to solve. Next, you’ll discover how to apply relevant design patterns to these problems. Finally, you’ll learn how to apply these design patterns in your own code using C++. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of the behavioral design pattern covered in this course needed to apply them in your application development.

About the author

Torben is passionate about creating - taking an idea from inception until it's a full-fledged system. He enjoys working both analytically and creatively – maturing the idea and seeing how far it can be taken. Working as a consultant he has helped a large variety of clients over the years - ranging from developing line-of-business applications in the financial sector to data crunching for the aviation industry. He has worked with the .NET framework for more than 15 years, and is adept at traversi... more

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