Torben Boeck Jensen

Torben Boeck Jensen

Torben is passionate about creating - taking an idea from inception until it's a full-fledged system. He enjoys working both analytically and creatively – maturing the idea and seeing how far it can be taken. Working as a consultant he has helped a large variety of clients over the years - ranging from developing line-of-business applications in the financial sector to data crunching for the aviation industry. He has worked with the .NET framework for more than 15 years, and is adept at traversing that ecosystem, and enjoys working on all aspects of systems development - tinkering with business logic implementation, setting up data structures, bridging the gap between persistence and visualization. Cloud technology is an integral part of everyday work for him, and in recent years he has focused much of his attention on honing his Azure skills. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, running, reading, and spending time with his daughters, who make sure to keep him very active.

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