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Developing an Artificial Intelligence Strategy for Your Organization

by Jamie Maguire

Companies everywhere are looking to cloud vendors and platforms to see how AI can help augment business processes or create new innovations. This course shows how to prepare for and shape an AI strategy for your business or organization.

What you'll learn

Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm. In this course, Developing an Artificial Intelligence Strategy for Your Organization, you'll learn where to start when forming an AI strategy for your organization. First, you'll discover what to consider when forming an AI strategy and why you should consider it at all. Next, you'll explore how to identify relevant use cases and suitable AI technology for your organization. Finally, you'll look the benefits of starting with a pilot and forming a product roadmap. By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to help you design a roadmap for the adoption of artificial intelligence for your organization.

About the author

Jamie Maguire is a Software Architect, Developer, and Microsoft MVP (AI) that has been using .NET from the first release. A lifelong tech enthusiast, Jamie has developed solutions for clients such as various Dept of Corrections, National Geographic and many Healthcare providers. Jamie is a keen contributor to the technology community and has gained global recognition for articles he has written and software he has built. He is a STEM Ambassador and Code Club volunteer, inspiring interest a... more

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