Jamie Maguire

Jamie Maguire

Based in the UK, Jamie Maguire is an Author, Developer and Microsoft AI MVP that has been using Microsoft.NET from the first release. A lifelong tech enthusiast, Jamie has been writing code since on platforms such as the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amiga. He was involved in the BBS scene where he was a FidoNet node – way before the world wide web took hold! A research project sparked an interest in AI, text analytics, and machine learning which saw Jamie build APIs that could ingest data from social platforms and surface actionable insights. Fast-forward to today, Jamie has worked with Twitter to help digital marketers identify sales leads, National Geographic to see how social data can be used to promote animal & environmental welfare and is currently developing chatbots to improve the lives of digital citizens. He uses his site to highlight speaking engagements, share content and answer questions relevant to his experience. Find out more at www.jamiemaguire.net

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