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Getting Started with Django CMS

by Brennan Davis

Django CMS is an add-on to the powerful, Python-based web framework Django. Learn how to create custom page templates and plugins, and to extend your next Django project into a full fledged content management system.

What you'll learn

Django is a powerful, Python-based web framework that makes it easy to get a site up and running quickly. While it's great for creating data-driven web applications, it lacks basic content management features, such as managing pages from within the admin system. Django CMS is an add-on to Django that not only provides CMS features, but also makes it simple to customize them. In this course, Getting Started with Django CMS, you'll cover the essentials of how to utilize Django CMS efficiently for your own Django projects. You'll learn specifically how to create custom templates for pages, plugins for managing content, and finally hooks for linking traditional Django apps into the Django CMS system. By the end of the course, you'll know how to provide an easy to use and highly customizable CMS that your clients will be able to manage all on their own.

About the author

Brennan Davis is a front end web developer at Endurance International, where he leads a front end development team working on the Bluehost brand. He's been working professionally in the web development field for the past five years. He's well versed in HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ionic/AngularJS, Polymer, Django/Python, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere. Brennan has a passion for creating and is often found writing, drawing, shooting stop motion animation films with his Legos, buildin... more

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