Brennan Davis

Brennan Davis

Brennan Davis is a front end web developer at Endurance International, where he leads a front end development team working on the Bluehost brand. He's been working professionally in the web development field for the past five years. He's well versed in HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ionic/AngularJS, Polymer, Django/Python, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere. Brennan has a passion for creating and is often found writing, drawing, shooting stop motion animation films with his Legos, building web applications, and developing mobile apps. He also has a love of productivity and organization. He's developed his own personal productivity system by taking the bits and pieces he likes from other systems and combining them into his own. Brennan has a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Media with an emphasis in Internet Technologies from Utah Valley University.

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