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Elm 0.19 Fundamentals

by Dan Tofan

Elm is a new programming language for reliable web apps that don’t throw runtime exceptions. Take this course to stop worrying about tricky refactoring and runtime exceptions.

What you'll learn

JavaScript is very popular and easy to get started with for front-end web applications, but large JavaScript applications bring maintenance nightmares such as fast deprecation, weird runtime errors, and challenges with adding new features. Elm offers the high maintainability of purely functional languages combined with a short learning curve. Elm code is compiled into JavaScript code, and the compiler acts like a friendly assistant that helps you prevent future bugs. In this course, Elm 0.19 Fundamentals, you will feel comfortable with the fundamental concepts of the Elm language and the Elm architecture for web applications. First, you will learn the basics of the Elm language, such as data types and functions. Next, you will explore building interactive web applications. Finally, you will discover how to work with external data, such as data from an API or from some JavaScript code. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to start building reliable front-end web applications.

About the author

Dan started programming decades ago on a Spectrum clone and started his professional programming career in 2003. Eager to learn, Dan moved to Netherlands to study at the University of Groningen. Now, Dan is proud of his PhD thesis on decision making and knowledge acquisition in software architecture, and about a dozen publications with hundreds of citations. Dan used Microsoft technologies for many years, but migrated gradually to Python, Linux and AWS, to learn more of the computing world. Cur... more

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