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Oct 26, 2015
2h 6m
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In this Sketch and HTML tutorial, you'll learn how to create a responsive email template. With the explosion of mobile devices, you'll never know when someone is opening an email on their desktop or on their mobile device. You need to be prepared with a responsive design that works no matter where it's displayed. By the end of this Sketch and HTML training, you'll have followed along with a production process that includes different stages for approvals, implementation and testing, all to learn the best practices for creating a responsive email template by designing in Sketch and coding in HTML. Software required: Sketch 3, Brackets 1.4, web browser.

About the author
About the author

Jay Boucher is a freelance illustrator and interactive designer creating games and websites for young people.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Introduction and Project Overview
Hello, everyone, my name's Jay Boucher, and I spent eight years as a web designer for MTV. com designing sites for shows like The Osbournes and Celebrity Death Match. I'm currently a designer for Stevens Institute of Technology in beautiful Hoboken, New Jersey. One aspect of my current job is creating email newsletters that work no matter what email client a viewer's using. And in this course, we're going to learn some best practices for creating responsive email templates, by designing in Sketch and coding in HTML. Some of the key takeaways from watching this course include laying out responsive designs in Sketch, building layouts using HTML, some flexible production processes for working with CSS, and optimizing emails for the widest array of clients. Now, creating HTML emails can feel like stepping back in time, since many current CSS techniques can't be used. But by the end of this training, you'll have learned what's needed to take your current knowledge of HTML layout and make emails like it was 1999. I'm excited to share these techniques with you. So, let's get started with our first lesson.