Embracing Change: Staying Agile in the Midst of Change

by Alice Meredith

Recognizing the value of embracing change is essential to helping you stay on the cutting edge of your career. In this course, learn to stay agile yourself and become a change agent among your peers.

What you'll learn

Change is everywhere and it seems to come at us from every direction. In this course, Embracing Change: Staying Agile in the Midst of Change, you will learn skills to help you become more agile, flexible, and open to change, as this ability is essential to help you stay relevant in your profession and in your business environment. First, you will learn to recognize the value of change, review why people tend to fear or avoid change, and, once you understand the "why" behind your hesitancy towards change, become more adept at adapting and growing with the change you face. Next, you will discover the value of having a growth mindset, and how this mindset helps you to stay curious and open-minded to unexpected change. Finally, you will explore the most common changes to expect in your work environment and skills to best help you navigate through these changes. By the end of this course, you will have learned new skills and techniques that, if utilized, will help keep you agile, flexible, and better able to handle and grow from change in your work environment as well as in your personal life.

About the author

Alice has been leading and supporting high performing teams for over 30 years. Alice is a Senior HR Professional (SPHR) and Culture Strategist. Her experience includes 30 years of leadership holding positions of Regional Director, District Manager, Senior HR Market Manager and Senior Manager Labor & Employee Relations. She is a skilled facilitator and content creator and has pioneered multiple innovative concepts and techniques that enhance leadership effectiveness. She is passionately commit... more

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