Exploring Measuring Product Performance

by Renganathan Padmanabhan

The course will teach you how, as a product manager, you can use an organizational vision to set goals for your product and quantify progress using clearly defined performance metrics.

What you'll learn

Setting goals and clearly defined performance metrics are necessary with measuring product performance. In this course, Exploring Measuring Product Performance, you will learn how to map organization vision and metrics to your product. First, you will learn what your organization vision is and key metrics defined to measure it. Next, you will learn how to craft your product strategy and metrics, from the organization strategy. Finally, you’ll learn how to present your product pitch to stakeholders to gain executive buy-in. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of being able to define product metrics and how you will utilize them in alignment to your organization.

About the author

Renga is a product manager and a digital experience leader with 15 years in tech. He has deep expertise in strategy, research, design, and engineering across multiple digital products for clients across the globe. He is very passionate on teaching about product and design in the simplest terms possible to anyone breaking into these disciplines. The content and views expressed are his own alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of his employer.

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