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Fostering a Change Ready Culture

by Peter Abraham

This course will teach you how to navigate issues brought about by changes in internal or external forces. Understand what they are, how to recognize them, what to do about them; disruption, innovation, changing customer and employee expectations.

What you'll learn

All businesses at different stages of growth and maturity experience change. Successful businesses harness a culture that embraces innovation and change, to assist growth, whilst being adaptable to change as a constant. In this course, Fostering a Change Ready Culture, you’ll learn to how to better understand organizational changes in a business, and how to foster a culture that accommodates change to enable growth in both individuals and the business. Some of the things we’ll cover include; innovation and experimentation, digital disruption and risk, autonomy and decision making. First, you’ll explore how businesses cultivate innovation and experimentation and the benefits of driving evolutionary organizational change. Next, you’ll discover how a business builds flexibility to adapt to changes brought about by internal and externally driven forces, how to recognize them, and how to navigate them. Finally, you’ll learn how to develop a culture of learning to ensure ongoing change and capability development. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of fostering a change ready culture needed to assist growth in a business that’s faced with changing customer needs and employee expectations

Course FAQ

What are the prerequisites needed for this course?

You don't need to have any previous understanding of the topic, but some experience of managing people and/or rapid growth and change in a business might help.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is new to organizational culture and change management. You should have a desire to learn more about the people side of a business and how helping them can help the business grow. In this course you will learn about culture types, change concepts, and how to support change driven by digital disruption.

What is business organization?

The term business organization describes how businesses are structured and how their structure helps them meet their goals. In general, businesses are designed to focus on either generating profit or improving society. The basic categories of business organization are sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation.

Why is culture important in business?

Businesses with an organizational culture tend to be more successful than less structured companies because they have systems in place that promote employee performance, productivity and engagement. Having a strong company culture motivates everyone to do their best work.

How does culture effect business communication?

Culture influences business communications by increasing the relevance of cultural knowledge and understanding. Workplaces are increasingly more diverse. Business communication is more likely to include contact with people from different cultures and with companies in different countries.

About the author

20+ years ‘digital’ experience. Strategy, Marketing, Ecommerce, Data, Culture & Behaviour, Digital Transformation. Co-author of 'Building the Agile Business Through Digital Transformation'. Co-founder of Crank a data driven solutions business. Non Exec & Advisor In all the businesses Peter worked, or work with, it’s often the same issues; # Lack of time (focus actually), # Lack of resource (the right capability), # Lack of budget (or how you forecast and spend). That never changes. What’s key is... more

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