Peter Abraham

Peter Abraham

20+ years ‘digital’ experience. Strategy, Marketing, Ecommerce, Data, Culture & Behaviour, Digital Transformation. Co-author of 'Building the Agile Business Through Digital Transformation'. Co-founder of Crank a data driven solutions business. Non Exec & Advisor In all the businesses Peter worked, or work with, it’s often the same issues; # Lack of time (focus actually), # Lack of resource (the right capability), # Lack of budget (or how you forecast and spend). That never changes. What’s key is understanding which questions to ask and what levers to pull. Areas Peter can help you with; How you build an agile business, not just tech but true agility in the business, capability, competency, behaviour aligned to vision and values. How you use data to inform decision making - marketing, eCommerce, org culture and teams. How you drive growth through the intersection of Data, UX and Channel optimization. How you forecast and budget marketing spend.

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