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Front End Web Development Career Kickstart

by Justin Schwartzenberger

This course is a guide to kick-starting a career in front end web development that addresses the need-to-know terms, topics, and concepts for an industry professional.

What you'll learn

Where a bootcamp or training course on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is a solid way to start learning web development, this course will be the blueprint to what is needed, along with those skills, to achieve a professional career doing front end web development. This course covers everything from the history of the web development industry to the landscape of the web and details of a front end web developers daily workflow, then finishes strong with information on how to interview for a position and grow a career after getting in the door.

About the author

Justin Schwartzenberger is a Lead Software Engineer at Couto Solutions where he spends most of his time on both the front end and back end of web development, jumping from client side to server side with a helping of DevOps in between.

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