Justin Schwartzenberger

Justin Schwartzenberger is a Lead Engineer at SoCreate, currently working on the future of screenplay writing software. Justin cut his teeth on C and C++ before getting into the web development game, jumping on the LAMP stack to create numerous web projects with PHP/MySQL. As C# came to life he moved his attention to ASP.NET and MS SQL. Once ASP.NET MVC surfaced it was "game on" and Justin's complete devotion to web development was sealed. With the current wave of new technologies and frameworks for both the front and back end of the web stack, Justin is excited to help champion the future of the web. For all of his passion towards development, Justin's biggest professional joy comes from empowering and educating others. He has written numerous articles on DotNetSlackers and an article for MSDN Magazine on RavenDB. Justin has presented on topics such as ASP.NET MVC, Test Driven Development, WCF, and OData at the San Luis Obispo .NET User Group and helped organize and run the Central Coast Code camp for multiple years. Justin lives on the Central Coast of California with his wife and daughter and, when not developing and mentoring, travels up and down the California coast in search of surf.

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