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Using TypeScript for Large AngularJS Applications

by Justin Schwartzenberger

This course examines how to use TypeScript with a large AngularJS application and uncovers the positives and negatives along the way.

What you'll learn

When AngularJS applications move beyond a micro size and into a larger amount of files, structure and maintenance rapidly increase in importance. Adding TypeScript to the mix can provide big benefits to a team working on the application. This course will walk through how to write AngularJS code using TypeScript, covering everything from the config and run phases through all of the provider types in AngularJS. It will also deep dive into specific scenarios to reveal potential gotchas, as well as development workflow gains when using TypeScript in an AngularJS application. By the end of the course, you will have learned and been exposed to enough of what that experience is like to be able to determine if TypeScript is right for your AngularJS project and team.

About the author

Justin Schwartzenberger is a Lead Engineer at SoCreate, currently working on the future of screenplay writing software. Justin cut his teeth on C and C++ before getting into the web development game, jumping on the LAMP stack to create numerous web projects with PHP/MySQL. As C# came to life he moved his attention to ASP.NET and MS SQL. Once ASP.NET MVC surfaced it was "game on" and Justin's complete devotion to web development was sealed. With the current wave of new technologies and frameworks... more

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