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Fusion 360 CAM: Toolpath Essentials

by Eric Schneiter

CNC milling is a fundamental process in manufacturing and design. This course will teach you how to leverage the power of Fusion 360 CAM to achieve the latest industry standard in CNC toolpath programming. Software required: Fusion 360.

What you'll learn

Have you ever wondered how to create 2D and 3D toolpaths in Fusion 360? If so, this course is for you. In this course, Fusion 360 CAM: Toolpath Essentials, you'll master the fundamentals of the setup process all the way though programming 3D toolpaths. First, you'll explore the process of setting up a Work Coordinate System. Next, you'll discover some of the essential 2D facing and adaptive strategies for fast material removal. Finally, you'll dive into the 3D adaptive strategies as well as finishing strategies involving ball, end mills, and engraving. When you're finished with this Fusion 360 course, you'll not only understand the CAM environment of Fusion better, but you'll also feel confident in setting up and milling your own custom CNC parts. Software required: Fusion 360.

About the author

Eric is a part owner of 2 golf courses in Northern Utah. The unique nature of his position has always required unconventional problem solving skills. In October 2014 he noticed a need in the golf industry that wasn’t being met. He set out to build a product and solve an industry wide problem. Eric began learning CAD and leveraged its power to turn his ideas into physical products, which are now being purchased by consumers.

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