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Cultivate Your Personal Strengths Using Gallup Tools

by Alice Meredith

All individuals have character strengths and weaknesses and identifying these strengths and weaknesses is a key foundation for our professional success. This course will help you with cultivating your biggest strengths.

What you'll learn

Everyday you interact and work with people who have a wide variety of personality strengths. In this course, Cultivate Your Professional Strengths Using Gallup's Research, you'll learn about the way your personality strengths and weaknesses constantly come into your daily interactions. First, you will learn about the way individuals and companies rely on Clifton's Gallup studies around human strengths to reach their highest potential. Next, you will look at how the studies prove that the keystone of high achievements in individuals, teams, and organizations is found in exercising and developing strengths rather than continually working to improve areas of weakness. Finally, you will learn about how these concepts are proven to build stronger teams, more united organizations, and a more successful and satisfying life for each individual who embraces these teachings. By the end of this course, you will have learned how to rely on your strengths to better work and interact with others.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Gallup's Study of Human Strengths

About the author

Alice has been leading and supporting high performing teams for over 30 years. Alice is a Senior HR Professional (SPHR) and Culture Strategist. Her experience includes 30 years of leadership holding positions of Regional Director, District Manager, Senior HR Market Manager and Senior Manager Labor & Employee Relations. She is a skilled facilitator and content creator and has pioneered multiple innovative concepts and techniques that enhance leadership effectiveness. She is passionately commit... more

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