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Oct 31, 2010
2h 8m

In this series of lessons, we will focus on getting you up and running quickly with InDesign. We'll get started by learning how to setup a new document for our layout in InDesign. As part of the process of preparing our document, we'll learn about things like master pages as well as columns, margins, and guides. Next we'll break down how InDesign creates and works with objects that are both text and image based. We'll not only learn how to bring in text from files generated in Microsoft Word but we'll also learn how to streamline the formatting of this text using a paragraph style. To wrap things up, we'll learn how to package and export our files. Software required: InDesign CS5.

About the author
About the author

Eddie is the dedicated Pluralsight texturing and rendering tutor. His roots are firmly planted in a deep background in illustration and design, and Eddie lives to express himself through his art. Eddie has been with Pluralsight (and previously Digital-Tutors) for four-plus years, teaching creative artists to expand their knowledge on everything from design and illustration, to hand painting beautiful textures for their models.

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