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Leading Change: The Head, Heart & Hands Approach

by Alice Meredith

This course is designed to help leaders strengthen their change leadership capabilities. It introduces leaders to the head, heart, and hands leadership model that enhances leaders ability to support both the business and the team during change.

What you'll learn

Changing work environments put both leaders and employees to the test as new processes and technologies continue to emerge. In this course, Leading Change: The Head, Heart & Hands Approach, you'll learn about three different leadership approaches to leading change. First, you'll discover how to identify your own natural leadership style. Next, you'll learn skills to help you improve in your less dominant styles. Finally, you'll come to better understand how to lead change in support of your business and team through a more well-rounded approach. When you're finished with this course, you'll have learned the skills to help lead yourself and others through change.

Course FAQ

What is the Head, Heart & Hands model?

The Head, Heart and Hands model is a way of letting colleagues and organization members know that you’re paying attention to their thoughts, their emotions and their actions when implementing a change program.

What will I learn in this change leadership course?

This course will help you identify your dominant or natural style by taking an in depth look at the head approach, the heart approach, and the hands approach. You will also learn skills and techniques that will help improve your less dominant styles and allow you to have a more balanced approach when leading change.

Who should take this change leadership course?

This course is for those with an intermediate knowledge and understanding of change leadership and change management principles.

Are there prerequisites to this course?

No software or prior knowledge is required for this course! You just have to have a desire to lead change!

About the author

Alice is a culture strategist and has a deep-rooted passion for cultivating cultures of change and belonging. Alice has 30 years of senior leadership experience in Corporate America and recognized credentials as a Certified Sr. HR Professional (SPHR) and Change Management Professional (CCMP), Alice brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each course as she seamlessly integrates cultural strategy into evolving work environments. Known for her innovative approach, Alice has pioneered multipl... more

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