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Interactivity in Data Visualizations

by Tiffany France

This course will teach you how to effectively use interactions in your project. You'll learn UX concepts and task-driven interactions that will provide your data visualization audience with an engaging and meaningful interactive experience.

What you'll learn

Knowing how to create and design data visualizations that are interactive will help provide an effective and engaging experience for your audience. In this course, Interactivity in Data Visualizations, you’ll learn how to take the guesswork out of the design process and effectively plan, design, and ship purpose-driven interactive visualizations. First, you’ll explore the research behind interaction, including several useful design techniques that will aid in the planning of your project. Next, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of interactive methods which will help explain the ways data visualizations can foster meaningful connections with users, deepening their understanding of the topic while providing a delightful experience. Finally, you’ll learn how to review and test your project against preset criteria in order to deliver the highest quality product. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of interactivity in data visualizations needed to produce professional, purposeful designs.

About the author

Tiffany France is a designer and front end developer focused primarily on data visualization. She resides in Virginia where she works as a freelancer on web projects for companies such as Google, Indeed, and Capital One. Tiffany also moonlights as an adjunct professor at a local college teaching Digital Art. Her three goals are: make it beautiful, make it usable, but above all, make it smart.

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