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Introduction to Table and Cell Styles in InDesign

by Eddie Russell

In this collection of lessons, we will introduce you to table and cell styles in InDesign. Software required: InDesign CS5.

What you'll learn

In this collection of lessons, we will introduce you to table and cell styles in InDesign. We'll begin this process by learning exactly what table and cell styles are, as well as where we can manage them. Next, we'll begin recreating a table using a workflow that considers both type of styles. First, we'll create a table style that controls table specific attributes. Then we'll focus on creating individual cell styles that control the attributes of various cells within the table. Along the way, we'll learn more advanced workflows such as calling a paragraph style through a cell style and creating parent/child relationships through our styles. A word of warning, it is highly recommended that you have a good grasp over paragraph styles, character styles and table creation basics before going through this course. After finishing these lessons, you'll have a good grasp over a workflow that integrates both table and cell styles and makes creating multiple tables a snap. Software required: InDesign CS5.

About the author

Eddie began teaching creative professionals over ten years ago for Digital Tutors. In 2014 Digital Tutors was acquired by Pluralsight and he continued his focus on creating high quality training for artists in both the film and games industries. With a background in graphic design and illustration Eddie has always been focused on visual appeal. This can be seen through his courses in which he shares secrets for achieving production level quality for concept art, illustrations, textures, mater... more

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