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Micro-experimentation Tools in Java 9

by Josh Cummings

This course covers Java 9 tools JShell and JMH, designed to restore a Java engineer's flow by making it easy to explore your code base, experiment with solutions at a small scale, and roll the results into long-lasting applications with confidence.

What you'll learn

Historically, Java engineers have been loathe to do small scale experiments during their coding because of the high ceremony of the Java language. There is so much overhead when all an engineer wants to write is a little one-line experiment that its often avoided. At the core, the JVM is so good at code optimization that experiments in the performance family are still more time consuming because of the immense number of false positives and noisy evidence that result. In this course, Micro-experimentation Tools in Java 9, you'll learn how to use JShell and JMH. First, you'll learn how to do more in-depth experimenting. Next, you’ll discover more about exploratory coding. Finally, you’ll explore how to find if your feedback loop is too slow for significant processes. When you’re finished with this course, you'll have a foundational knowledge of JShell and JMH that will help you as you move forward in restoring flow while using Java 9 micro-experimentation tools.

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About the author

Like many software craftsmen, Josh eats, sleeps, and dreams in code. He codes for fun, and his kids code for fun! Right now, Josh works as a full-time committer on Spring Security and loves every minute. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Josh loves to hike and be in the outdoors when he's not hacking away at some new Java library. He also loves to juggle, especially on every third Saturday in June. Application Security holds a special place in his heart, a place diametrically opposed to and cos... more

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