Josh Cummings

Like many software craftsman, Josh eats, sleeps, and dreams in code. He codes for fun, and his kids code for fun! Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Josh loves to hike and be in the outdoors when he's not hacking away at some new Java library. He also loves to juggle, especially on every third Saturday in June. Having focused on Java since 1999, he has seen it all--he loves the Spring Framework and is super-jazzed about the Java 9 release. Josh has a special place in his heart for performance optimization and for application security and identity management, having dealt with both professionally for several years. Josh hates checked exceptions and dreams for the day when type erasure is not a thing. And when Maps are easy and elegant to create on the fly in Java. And can we please get to tail recursion one of these days? Josh still codes full-time, but is now also realizing a life-long goal to leverage his knowledge to teach others through the courses he produces here at Pluralsight.

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