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Securing Java Web Application Data

by Josh Cummings

This course gives you the APIs and tools for securing user data in Java as well as the concepts needed to level up your data-security awareness.

What you'll learn

Nearly every website holds onto or transmits user data, and that user data is a gold mine for hackers. We hear about penetrations into big companies with large troves of personal data almost daily. In this course, Securing Java Web Application Data, you will gain the ability to secure web application data using JCA, JSSE, and common open source Java libraries like Spring Vault Client and Google Tink. First, you will learn how to safely hash data. Next, you will discover secure serialization and deserialization. Finally, you will explore how to sign, verify, encrypt, and decrypt data. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Web Application Security needed to secure its data.

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About the author

Like many software craftsmen, Josh eats, sleeps, and dreams in code. He codes for fun, and his kids code for fun! Right now, Josh works as a full-time committer on Spring Security and loves every minute. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Josh loves to hike and be in the outdoors when he's not hacking away at some new Java library. He also loves to juggle, especially on every third Saturday in June. Application Security holds a special place in his heart, a place diametrically opposed to and cos... more

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