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Kali Linux Concepts and Basic Functionality

by James D. Murray

This course will teach you about Kali Linux, a popular tool used to discover threats and vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks.

What you'll learn

Kali Linux is a very popular operating system and tool platform used by cybersecurity professionals for discovering threats and weaknesses in computer information systems and networks. In this course, Kali Linux Concepts and Basic Functionality, you’ll learn what Kali Linux is and why it is so useful to professional “ethical hackers” for solving problems caused by both cyber-threats and software weaknesses in computer systems. First, you'll explore what Kali Linux is, who uses Kali, and discover Kali’s many uses to cybersecurity professions. Next, you'll cover, step by step, how to install and configure Kali Linux in a virtualized environment that you can run in your own home ethical hacking lab. Finally, you'll learn about all of the tools and capabilities you can install in Kali that you need to get your ethical hacking tasks completed. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the sufficient skills and knowledge of Kali Linux needed to begin using Kali in your own cybersecurity job, and start down the path of getting a job as an ethical hacker.

About the author

James D. Murray is an active information security professional and a deprecated software engineer. Mr. Murray started thinking about programming in 1978 when he wrote his first BASIC program on a Commodore PET computer. His first job was building printed circuit boards for the Apple ][ and original IBM PC computers, but he didn't really consider programming as a possible profession until 1981 after "finding" access to several UNIX systems with C compilers and connected to ARPAnet and BITNET. (Pl... more

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