James D. Murray

James D. Murray

James D. Murray is an active information security professional and a deprecated software engineer. Mr. Murray started thinking about programming in 1978 when he wrote his first BASIC program on a Commodore PET computer. His first job was building printed circuit boards for the Apple ][ and original IBM PC computers, but he didn't really consider programming as a possible profession until 1981 after "finding" access to several UNIX systems with C compilers and connected to ARPAnet and BITNET. (Playing computer games were also discovered to a severe distraction at this time as well.) Mr. Murray worked professionally as a software developer for over 25 years at companies with businesses ranging from computer gaming to cyberdefense contracting, to telecommunications, to R&D. He also worked for the publisher O’Reilly & Associates writing computer books as a staff writer. Mr. Murray currently teaches information security courses at Stanbridge College in Southern California and works as a network security analyst for a Fortune 20 company. Mr. Murray has as Masters Degree in MSIT Information Security from Capella University and has been awarded many IT certifications, including CISSP, SSCP, GSEC, CEH, EnCE, CWSP, Security+, and CCNA. He is also a co-administrator of the IT certifications Web site, www.TechExams.Net, where he answers all manner of questions from people regarding IT certifications.

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