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Key Concepts Data Flow

by Justin Boyer

Data is the key to making wise business decisions. This course will teach you to use data flow diagrams to optimize your data architecture to gain insights and make better decisions using data.

What you'll learn

Your company gathers large amounts of data every day. But are you using that data to grow your business? In this course, Key Concepts Data Flow, you’ll learn to use data flow diagrams to better understand how data flows through your business. First, you’ll explore why data flow diagrams are important. Next, you’ll discover how to build a basic data flow diagram. Finally, you’ll learn how to use a data flow diagram to better understand complex business processes. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of data flow diagrams needed to understand how data flows through your business systems so you can design a robust data architecture.

About the author

Justin Boyer writes copy and content for tech companies. He started his IT career as a software developer, then moved into application security, becoming Security+ and CSSLP certified. After almost a decade in the tech industry building desktop, mobile, web, and cloud-based applications, Justin has launched a tech writing business to help software and security companies sell their products and services.

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