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Kubernetes Security: Minimizing Microservice Vulnerabilities

by Justin Boyer

Microservices are secured via both code and infrastructure. This course will teach you how to secure microservices hosted within a Kubernetes environment.

What you'll learn

A vulnerability in microservice code can lead to the compromise of your entire Kubernetes cluster. In this course, Kubernetes Security: Minimizing Microservice Vulnerabilities, you’ll learn to minimize any microservice vulnerabilities that may exist. First, you’ll explore security policies that will secure your pods and containers. Next, you’ll discover how to store the secrets you need for microservices to function properly. Finally, you’ll learn how to use more secure container runtimes and to protect communications between microservices. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Kubernetes security needed to minimize microservice vulnerabilities and protect your infrastructure from attack.

About the author

Justin Boyer writes copy and content for tech companies. He started his IT career as a software developer, then moved into application security, becoming Security+ and CSSLP certified. After almost a decade in the tech industry building desktop, mobile, web, and cloud-based applications, Justin has launched a tech writing business to help software and security companies sell their products and services.

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