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Truth About Data: Getting Started with Lean Six Sigma Analytics

by Craig Gygi

If you're using data, you could be causing harm with the approach you've been taught for analyzing data. This course teaches you the truth about how to analyze data correctly so that you can gain valid insights and make powerful, accurate decisions. Software required: Microsoft Excel.

What you'll learn

Every day, in every field, data is becoming more and more important. While you may think you know how to gain insights from data, you're most likely using flawed approaches that lead you to incorrect, sometimes even dangerous, conclusions. This widespread data naiveté comes from generations of invalid data practices that have become ingrained as the norm for business, government, education, media, and even engineering and science. In this course, Truth About Data: Getting Started with Lean Six Sigma Analytics, you'll first uncover the flaws in the usual data approaches. Next, you'll learn correct methods for arriving at valid insights. Finally, you'll master simple practices for communicating quickly and powerfully with data. When you're finished with this course, you'll be equipped to stand out and excel in today's increasingly data-driven world. Software required: Microsoft Excel.

About the author

Craig relentlessly seeks a better way. His consulting firm guides companies to continuously increase the value they deliver to customers while reducing their costs—transforming their operations into a powerful competitive advantage. To achieve this Strategic Productivity, Craig innovatively integrates data science, process improvement, and leadership principles. Hundreds of thousands have applied this individually through Craig’s groundbreaking books on Lean Six Sigma. Starting his career as an ... more

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