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Lightroom Classic CC Updates

by D.A. Wagner

Adobe is splitting Lightroom into two separate applications, version 7 of Lightroom will now be called Lightroom Classic CC. This course teaches you the new version, and the performance and feature updates that are coming for Lightroom Classic CC.

What you'll learn

Adobe is releasing an all new photo management application into the market place, while at the same time releasing an updated version of Lightroom. The new application will be called Lightroom CC and the updated application will be called Lightroom Classic CC. In this course, Lightroom Classic CC Updates, you'll learn what to expect from the new version of Lightroom and be provided an overview of the key updates for the classic version. First, you'll discover the latest performance enhancements and look through some of the under the hood improvements in Lightroom Classic CC. Next, you'll explore the new image editing tool through demonstrations. Finally, you'll cover the differences and key features in the latest version. By the end of this course, you'll have the necessary knowledge to confidently navigate and utilize the newest features and user interface of Lightroom Classic CC. Software required: Lightroom Classic CC.

About the author

D.A.Wagner is a digital photographer, entrepreneur, and respected Adobe Certified Expert and an Adobe Certified Instructor. Along with his partner, David Mark Erickson, he coaches and consults with established photo professionals, corporations, and serious photography enthusiasts in photography and Lightroom. Starting out as a commercial special effects photographer, D.A. acquired his first computer in 1984. Combining film-based photography with digital illustrations using traditional darkroom p... more

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