D.A. Wagner

D.A. Wagner

D.A.Wagner is a digital photographer, entrepreneur, and respected Adobe Certified Expert and an Adobe Certified Instructor. Along with his partner, David Mark Erickson, he coaches and consults with established photo professionals, corporations, and serious photography enthusiasts in photography and Lightroom. Starting out as a commercial special effects photographer, D.A. acquired his first computer in 1984. Combining film-based photography with digital illustrations using traditional darkroom photo-compositing techniques, he created covers for BusinessWeek, Discover, Time, and others. This ultimately led him to highly creative, digital photo-illustration advertising assignments. By the mid 1990s, all of his work was digital. From 2003 through 2012, D.A. was an adjunct professor at New York City’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, teaching digital photography, Lightroom, and Photoshop which gave rise to the creation of Lightroom Guy. D.A. has an associates degree in fashion photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology and a bachelor’s degree in digital photography from Empire State College.

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