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Linear Workflow Rendering Strategies in Maya 2016

by Eddie Russell

In this Maya tutorial, we'll learn about the linear color space. Software required: Maya 2016.

What you'll learn

In this Maya tutorial, we'll learn about the linear color space. Using a linear workflow should be an important part of any lighting and rendering artist's process regardless of the application or renderer they use. Fortunately, for Maya artists, this process has seen significant improvements in Maya 2016 in the form of a completely new Color Management system. We'll pull that system apart here in this course so that you can fully understand how to use it. We'll start out by learning what linear workflow is and what it does for the scenes that we render. From here, we'll learn how to access and use Maya's new Color Management system. We'll learn how it applies color transforms where we need them in order to make sure that the textures, materials and lights we are using in our scene all render in the correct color space and are displayed or output in the correct color space. By the end of this Maya training, you'll have a firm grasp on how you can start implementing a linear workflow in your own renders. Software required: Maya 2016.

About the author

Eddie began teaching creative professionals over ten years ago for Digital Tutors. In 2014 Digital Tutors was acquired by Pluralsight and he continued his focus on creating high quality training for artists in both the film and games industries. With a background in graphic design and illustration Eddie has always been focused on visual appeal. This can be seen through his courses in which he shares secrets for achieving production level quality for concept art, illustrations, textures, mater... more

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