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Managing macOS User Accounts

by Herta Nava

This course will teach you how to manage user accounts on a Mac computer in a variety of possible scenarios.

What you'll learn

Within an organization or at home, managing accounts is a necessary piece of knowledge to have when using any device running macOS. In this course, Managing macOS User Accounts, you’ll learn how to manage user accounts on a Mac with macOS. First, you’ll explore the types of accounts available in macOS and how to create and manage them according to the specific needs. Next, you’ll discover what are User Home folders and how to manage them. Then, you’ll find out how to manage user security and privacy, including the types of passwords available, as well as other tools to protect users and data, such as keychains. Finally, you’ll learn how to manage iCloud services accounts. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of managing user accounts needed to support users in all scenarios related to user account creation, security, and privacy.

About the author

Herta is an independent Consultant working in software localization, web technologies, online marketing and course authoring. She is mostly dedicated to authoring courses with Pluralsight, but she also works as a localization consultant for SDL International and is part of the Google Linguistic and Localization Team, where she is assigned to localize Google products and software. Herta is an Apple Certified Support Professional (ASCP) and holds degrees and certifications in Web Programming... more

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