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Maya Dynamics: Combining nCloth and Bifrost

by Todd Palamar

Bifrost and nCloth are incredibly powerful tools inside of Maya. What if you could combine their strengths? This course teaches you how to drive nCloth simulations with key frame animation and then use the ncloth simulation to drive a bifrost liquid.

What you'll learn

Simulation tools offer great solutions to complex animations. However, there isn't one tool that can do it all. In this course, Maya Dynamics: Combining nCloth and Bifrost, you will learn how to use the strengths of nCloth and Bifrost to create a combined simulation. This course focuses on using Maya's simulation tools to create a giant blob capable of devouring anything in its path. Starting from simple object, your first task is to turn the shape into a physical volume. From there, the blob will find its own shape as it is allowed to roll around on a rigid surface. To add character, you will animate its direction to attack things along a city street. Finally, you will add a second dynamic layer allowing the blob to ooze and splash in its surroundings. When you are finished with this course you will have the knowledge to direct all types of liquid and semi-solid simulations. Software required: Maya.

About the author

Todd Palamar has worked in the computer animation industry for 23-years. His career started at a young age doing traditional special effects work on several direct to video movies. He later transitioned from film to games, working on numerous video games, including Sega of Japan's coin-operated title Behind Enemy Lines, as well as Dukes of Hazzard and Trophy Buck 2 for the Sony PlayStation console. Todd taught computer animation for 6 years at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. During... more

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