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Mercurial Fundamentals

by Todd Ropog

The Mercurial Fundamentals course introduces the viewer to the basic concepts of distributed version control and the core Mercurial commands.

What you'll learn

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of using Mercurial, a Distributed Version Control System (DVCS). It begins by showing how to use Mercurial as a local, stand-alone source control system. Then it introduces working with a Mercurial server by showing how to get files into and out of a hosted repository. Finally it shows how to create and merge branches. Topics covered include source control, distributed version control, branching, cloning and merging. After viewing this course, the viewer should have the basic skills necessary to evaluate Mercurial as a replacement for their existing version control system, or to be productive using Mercurial if joining a team already using it.

About the author

Todd is a Lead Developer for Telerik’s Enterprise Services division in Hudson, Ohio, where he has the pleasure of working with, and learning from, the very talented crew there. He is a big proponent of Agile philosophy and helped organize the first Northeast Ohio Agile Leadership Conference, a conference aimed at educating middle-managers about Agile. As a member of the Hudson Software Craftsmanship user group, he strives to improve his craft and help others do the same. Todd is very active in t... more

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