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Performing Threat Modeling with the Microsoft Threat Modeling Methodology

by Justin Boyer

Tired of finding security bugs after the code is written? Finding bugs late is dangerous and expensive. In this course, you'll learn techniques for threat modeling, before it's too late.

What you'll learn

Finding security bugs after the software has been built can lead to two things: exploitation of the bug in the wild, or spending a fortune to fix it. In this course, Performing Threat Modeling with the Microsoft Threat Modeling Methodology, you will gain the ability to analyze your software and find threats to it before any line of code is written. First, you will learn how to diagram an application to clearly show how all of its parts work together. Next, you will discover how to use diagrams to find threats using techniques such as STRIDE. Finally, you will explore how to document and mitigate threats to your software. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of threat modeling needed to anticipate threats and deal with them before they cause damage.

About the author

Justin Boyer writes copy and content for tech companies. He started his IT career as a software developer, then moved into application security, becoming Security+ and CSSLP certified. After almost a decade in the tech industry building desktop, mobile, web, and cloud-based applications, Justin has launched a tech writing business to help software and security companies sell their products and services.

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