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Minimizing, Navigating, and Resolving Conflict During Change

by Alice Meredith

This course will teach leaders how to best minimize, navigate, and resolve conflict that comes when leading a team through change.

What you'll learn

Conflict is an inevitable part of any work environment, especially when change is taking place. If left unattended, conflict can escalate into larger concerns and hinder progress toward change goals. In this course, Minimizing, Navigating, and Resolving Conflict During Change, you'll learn to create an environment to prepare your team for change and minimize the conflict that comes with change. First, you'll see how building trust, communicating effectively, and creating a supportive environment encourages open dialogue. Next, you'll explore the emotional aspect of change and learn key skills to help your team process the feelings that come with change. Finally, you'll delve into the heart of conflict resolution by exploring relevant approaches and techniques for finding resolutions to the conflicts that change brings. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have knowledge and skills to help minimize conflict and more effectively lead your team through change.

About the author

Alice has been leading and supporting high performing teams for over 30 years. Alice is a Senior HR Professional (SPHR) and Culture Strategist. Her experience includes 30 years of leadership holding positions of Regional Director, District Manager, Senior HR Market Manager and Senior Manager Labor & Employee Relations. She is a skilled facilitator and content creator and has pioneered multiple innovative concepts and techniques that enhance leadership effectiveness. She is passionately commit... more

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