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OneNote for Windows 10

by Heather Ackmann

In this course, you’ll learn how to work with Microsoft’s app solution for taking notes and discover how to create, format, manage, and share OneNote notebooks.

What you'll learn

If you are someone who uses OneNote and wants to maximize the use, this course, OneNote for Windows 10, is for you. First, you'll look at creating, managing, and sharing notebooks. Then, you'll look at formatting and finding notes. Finally, you'll explore how to insert content. By the end of this course, you will be proficient at using OneNote for Windows 10..

About the author

Heather Ackmann is an author and instructional designer. She has a passion for technology and a soft spot for people who find technology frustrating. She loves showing people how to make technology work better for them and figuring out how to make less than perfect technology work better for all. For over a decade now, Microsoft has honored her with the Microsoft MVP award in Office Systems and Services. In 2021, she completed her MS degree in human-computer interaction with distinction. She use... more

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