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Onshape Drawing Fundamentals

by Charles Macdonald

Onshape is a new CAD package that will revolutionize our industry. This course will teach you how to take a part towards production with the drawing phase in Onshape. Software required: Onshape.

What you'll learn

After modeling a part in Onshape, the next step of taking the part to production is the drawing phase. In this course, Onshape Drawing Fundamentals, you'll learn the fundamentals necessary to create a 2D Onshape drawing from a 3D model. First, you'll cover how to create a drawing and how to choose a template. Next, you'll explore adding views and organizing the layout of the drawing. Then, you'll explore dimensioning and annotating. Finally, you'll learn how to populate the title block, exporting, and sharing the drawing. By the end of this course, you'll be ready to create complete production drawings of your own, to accompany your Onshape geometry. Software required: Onshape.

About the author

Charles Macdonald has been a CAD and FEA user for 20 years, dating back to his days at Rutgers University. After achieving his Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace option in 1998, he began his career which has spanned the globe in the UK, Japan, and now the US. His design experience ranges from the light and stiff requirements of motorsport, to the reliable and cost effective disciplines of production cars. The projects Charles has contributed to include: Le Mans pr... more

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