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Aug 16, 2016
1h 28m

This course, Onshape Essentials - Basic Part Modeling for Makers, you'll learn to leverage Onshape to create real-world objects from idea to 3D printed model. You'll begin this course by learning the sketching and constraint essentials used in Onshape. As the course progresses, you'll learn how to create a variety of household objects, including a chip clip, a knob, a toilet paper holder, a towel hook, and even a vacuum attachment. After the CAD of each model is complete, you'll see how to 3D print each model. Previous experience with Onshape isn't required. Software required: Onshape

About the author
About the author

Eric is an owner and operator of two golf courses located in Utah. In his free time he loves building things. In April 2015 he began using CAD software, intent on creating a new product for the golf industry. He's been addicted to CAD ever since.

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