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Detecting Anomalies and Events with Packetbeat

by Owen Dubiel

In this course, you will learn the setup, configuration, and validation of Packetbeats in an enterprise environment. We will also cover some practical network and security use cases, as well as create custom alerts.

What you'll learn

Are you a security or networking professional looking to investigate network issues or further enhance your security logging? Packetbeat logs is the solution. In this course, Detecting Anomalies and Events with Packetbeat, you'll cover how to utilize packetbeats to secure a live enterprise environment. First, you'll demonstrate the configuration of packbeats on a Windows System. Next, you'll apply the configuration and send packetbeats to an ELK environment. Finally, you'll simulate network and security-related use cases and review how to create custom alerts. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge to identify, protect, detect, or respond to threats in your network systems.

About the author

Owen is a security practitioner at heart, who also enjoys being able to teach others about cyber security best practices and techniques. He has recently found that doing online teaching has been one of the most fulfilling experiences in his working life. He loves being able to spread the good word of security to any and all that are willing to learn it!

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