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Play by Play: Getting Started with Laravel 5 with Steven Maguire

by Derek Weatherford and Steven Maguire

Learn how to build a microservice with Laravel in two hours.

What you'll learn

This course introduces the Laravel framework to a relatively green PHP developer who is tasked with building a functional and maintainable microservice application. The course will cover everything from project setup & installation to functioning endpoints with automated test support.

About the authors

Derek began his journey into software development as a Rubyist. He now helps Pluralsight publish great courses by building scripts, apps and other tools, mostly in C# and PowerShell. After work he enjoys making cool stuff with the Raspberry Pi, tinkering with electronics, and biking his way through Utah's mountains.

Steven is a complete software as a service technology package. A craftsman and visionary at heart, he began his career as a successful user interface and graphic designer, working full-time with marketing and communications departments in universities and city governments, and building a successful studio practice with over 30 clients. With an eye for the future and learning, he became a skilled practitioner of user experience methodologies and best practices, demonstrated both in the field duri... more

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