Steven Maguire

Steven Maguire

Steven is a complete software as a service technology package. A craftsman and visionary at heart, he began his career as a successful user interface and graphic designer, working full-time with marketing and communications departments in universities and city governments, and building a successful studio practice with over 30 clients. With an eye for the future and learning, he became a skilled practitioner of user experience methodologies and best practices, demonstrated both in the field during past work experiences and in academia by completing the Certified Usability Analyst certification by Human Factors International. The value proposition does not end with marketing, business savvy, design and user experience. He is also a full-stack software craftsmen; shipping SOLID, architecturally sound, and well tested code written in C#, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, using appropriate frameworks and libraries when and where needed, to many types of high-availability server configurations, which he designs, configures and maintains.

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