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Jul 19, 2014
2h 14m

Watch a live coding session in which Lea Verou implements the classic Conway's Game of Life in the browser using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Play by Play is a series where you get a rare view into the workflows and thought processes of top admins, developers, and designers. This is not a planned or rehearsed presentation, but a live, unrehearsed problem solving and troubleshooting session where you see an expert think through issues and design solutions, as they do in the real world every day.

About the author
About the author

Lea is a web standards geek / front-end engineer / web designer / speaker currently living in Greece. She makes tools that help other developers working with web standards, speaks about them in conferences, writes about them in popular industry media, and blogs about her related research and tools.

About the author

Geoffrey founded PeepCode and has created numerous courses on Ruby, JavaScript and Shell.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

[Autogenerated] I'm Jeffrey girls and bucking this is play by play it plural site. Js Conference Florida. I sat down with Leah Veru, internationally respected CSS and Web standards expert. I did something that I've never done in a play by play. I let her choose the project. She chose Conway's Game of Life, a classic computer science brain twister where the players sets up a pattern of black and white squares on a board. Then the game engine runs continually obeying four rules. Underpopulated cells with fewer than to live neighbors. Die cells with two or three live neighbors stay alive. Overpopulated cells with more than three neighbors die dead cells. With exactly three neighbors come to life, the application runs indefinitely, applying these rules to the game board on every turn. Leah has been on the payroll of the W three C and is an expert in all things front end, so this simple game may seem too easy to implement, But in a brief two hours, she showed how to cleanly structure JavaScript code and gradually add features along the way. She's is several of her own homegrown tools, which you can find it Lee, a dud root dot me slash projects Plane I plays a Siri's where we give you a rare view into the work flows and thought processes of top ad mons developers and designers. Have you ever wished you could watch one of your tech heroes work on a project on their own time, using their own tools at their natural speed? Not a rehearsed presentation or a prepared course? But planning and problem solving is it happens in the real world every day. That's what we do in this series. We give talented add mons developers and designers a task to work on live and unrehearsed. For about two hours, we talked through architecture decisions and fix unexpected problems. This isn't a tutorial. We won't pause to explain how to set up server infrastructure or a development environment, but you will see how professionals use tools in their everyday environments.