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PostgreSQL Data Manipulation Playbook

by Ami Levin

Data modifications are a critical aspect of application design. In this course, you will learn about challenges associated with multi-user data access and the tools that PostgreSQL provides to tackle them, so you can avoid data consistency issues.

What you'll learn

Multi-user database applications involve many challenges. While many designers focus on performance, scalability, and other very important aspects, data modifications and consistency challenges are sometimes overlooked. In this course, PostgreSQL Data Manipulation Playbook, you will learn about the various concurrency phenomena that may occur when multiple users access shared resources. First, you will cover how to predict, prepare, and plan for these challenges. Next, you will discover how to use PostgreSQL rich DML syntax to tackle data modifications, and how to use advanced techniques to solve harder challenges, associated with large scale data modifications. Finally, you will explore how to avoid many common pitfalls along the way. After completing this course, you will have both the fundamental theoretical knowledge needed to understand concurrency challenges, and the practical tools and techniques you will need to tackle these efficiently for your database applications.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Ami has been teaching, consulting, and mentoring data professionals for over 20 years. Ami's broad theoretical knowledge in data management is complemented by extensive hands-on experience working as a data tier architect, performance tuning expert, and a SQL developer, while at the same time directing and teaching others how to get the most value from their data. Ami owns a US patent for an automatic solution for optimizing database performance. Ami has been highly involved in the SQL communit... more

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