Ami Levin

Ami Levin

Ami has been teaching, consulting, and mentoring data professionals for over 20 years. Ami's broad theoretical knowledge in data management is complemented by extensive hands-on experience working as a data tier architect, performance tuning expert, and a SQL developer, while at the same time directing and teaching others how to get the most value from their data. Ami owns a US patent for an automatic solution for optimizing database performance. Ami has been highly involved in the SQL community, leading the Silicon Valley Microsoft Data Platform User Group, speaking at user groups, conferences, online events, and is a contributor to online forums. He was honored by the Microsoft MVP award for 11 years. In his free time, Ami likes to take care of his 4 rescue cats, listen to music on his audiophile stereo system, and volunteer at animal shelters. Naturally, Ami is also a strict vegetarian. He loves riding his motorcycle on long trips across the country.

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