Workings of the World Wide Web and Internet: Executive Briefing

by Ami Levin

In the next 30 minutes, you'll explore the Internet and World Wide Web origins, history, inner workings, how they changed the world, the potential, and risks that they pose for your future and future generations.

What you'll learn

Tech leaders need a fundamental understanding of the tools and technologies their teams use to build solutions. In this course, Workings of the World Wide Web and Internet: Executive Briefing, you'll learn where, when, and how the Internet and World Wide Web were born and developed, and how they are changing the world. First, you'll explore their origins and fascinating history, dating back all the way to before World War 2. Next, you'll delve into the main elements that make them tick, their core terminology and concepts, and the services that they provide. Then, you'll discover how they fundamentally changed the world, and realize both their benefits and dark side. Finally, you'll learn about the challenges that lay ahead, the immense potential, but also the grave risks that they pose to mankind. When you're finished with this course, you’ll have the knowledge to analyze and discuss the Internet and World Wide Web with others, and understand the risks and opportunities for yourself, your family, and organization.

Table of contents

What Are They?
Governance and Security

About the author

Ami has been teaching, consulting, and mentoring data professionals for over 20 years. Ami's broad theoretical knowledge in data management is complemented by extensive hands-on experience working as a data tier architect, performance tuning expert, and a SQL developer, while at the same time directing and teaching others how to get the most value from their data. Ami owns a US patent for an automatic solution for optimizing database performance. Ami has been highly involved in the SQL communit... more

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