Querying Data Using T-SQL

by Ami Levin

Whether you are just starting with SQL Server, or an experienced SQL developer looking to make a switch to T-SQL, this course will provide solid foundations and essential understanding of how SQL\T-SQL work, to query data and troubleshoot effectively.

What you'll learn

SQL can seem simple enough to the unsuspecting eye, but without a solid grasp on its core concepts, you can quickly get lost. In this course, Querying Data Using T-SQL, you will gain the ability to query data with T-SQL. More importantly, you will understand exactly how the database processes your queries. This will allow you to write elegant queries, troubleshoot code effectively, and save you months of frustration as you advance on your SQL path. First, you will learn what SQL and T-SQL are, where they came from, and where they are heading. Next, you will discover query execution processing and how everything in SQL revolves around it. Finally, you will explore how to use every clause of the SELECT query, and you will be able to quickly query data yourself, understand exactly how your queries work, and therefore be able to troubleshoot and optimize them. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to query data effectively in T-SQL and feel right at home with it!

About the author

Ami is a senior instructor and mentor with over 25 years of experience in data tier architecture, data modeling, database design, and SQL development.

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