Prioritizing and Distributing Work in Teams: Get the Most Value by Doing the Work That Matters

by Alice Meredith

This course will teach you the importance of distributing and prioritizing your team’s workload. You’ll learn four proven prioritization techniques to help enhance your managing capabilities.

What you'll learn

Distributing and prioritizing your team's workload is an essential skill in enhancing your management capabilities. In this course, Prioritizing and Distributing Work in Teams: Get the Most Value by Doing the Work that Matters, you’ll learn skills to help you efficiently distribute and manage work across your teams. First, you’ll explore the benefits that come from distributing and prioritizing your teams’ workload. Next, you’ll explore four diverse prioritization techniques that have repeatedly proven their effectiveness for teams all around the world. Finally, you’ll learn key actionables to help you evaluate and assess your team in the execution of their work. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have skills and knowledge to help you better connect work responsibilities to the appropriate team member and distribute workload across your team to avoid employee burnout and stress.

About the author

Alice has been leading and supporting high performing teams for over 30 years. Alice is a Senior HR Professional (SPHR) and Culture Strategist. Her experience includes 30 years of leadership holding positions of Regional Director, District Manager, Senior HR Market Manager and Senior Manager Labor & Employee Relations. She is a skilled facilitator and content creator and has pioneered multiple innovative concepts and techniques that enhance leadership effectiveness. She is passionately commit... more

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