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Influencing without Authority: Becoming an Agent of Change

by Alice Meredith

Influencing without authority is the ability to influence others when you do not have direct responsibility for them. This course will teach you relevant skills to help employees assert themselves to influence positive change in their workplace.

What you'll learn

In any organization, there are always going to be opportunities for change. Whether it's improving the culture, creating stronger unity among a team, or even creating a strategy to address a customer pain point, change is and will always be essential. But oftentimes, those who see the need for change are not in a position of authority to make it happen. This can be frustrating, but it doesn't have to be a roadblock. In this course: Influencing without Authority: Becoming an Agent of Change, you'll learn key skills and techniques to better influence those around you to help bring about positive change in your workplace. First, you'll learn key character traits to help you become more influenceable yourself. Next, you'll explore learnings to help you more successfully collaborate with others, and then you'll learn how becoming more in tune with yourself can help you become more persuasive with others. Finally, you'll discover a formula that, if followed, will help you build rapport and instantly gain credibility with others. When you're finished with this course, you'll have learned skills and insights to help you become a more effective change agent.

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Influencing without Authority: Becoming an Agent of Change

About the author

Alice is a culture strategist and has a deep-rooted passion for cultivating cultures of change and belonging. Alice has 30 years of senior leadership experience in Corporate America and recognized credentials as a Certified Sr. HR Professional (SPHR) and Change Management Professional (CCMP), Alice brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each course as she seamlessly integrates cultural strategy into evolving work environments. Known for her innovative approach, Alice has pioneered multipl... more

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